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John Miller


John Miller has an extensive catalog of original compositions. His compositions are available for licensing for films, recording or performance. His publishing company is John M Music, ASCAP. A book of his compositions is in the works, but in the meantime, to obtain lead sheets or tabbed versions of his compositions, contact him. Here is a partial list of his compositions that have been recorded, with source recordings identified, so that you may find any tunes that you may be interested in hearing or learning.

Road Trip - John Reischman & John Miller, Corvus Records CR021

We Heard the Voice of a Porkchop - Johnson, Miller & Dermody, Orb Discs, Orb-1012

Domingo - Zumbido, Orb Discs, Orb-1011

This Old Hammer - John Miller, Orb Discs, Orb-1010

Noches de Fiesta - Ruthie Dornfeld & John Miller, Orb Discs Orb-1001

The Singing Moon - John Reischman & John Miller, Corvus Records CR004

The Bumpy Road - John Reischman & John Miller, Corvus Records CR009

Hey There - John Miller, Orb Discs Orb-1005

Freshet, Orb Discs Orb-1006

Catwalk, CTWK1

Festival Rouge - Rouge, RCD-3W4

Almost Home - David Lange, Modern Hot Records MHR013

Crossing that River - Grant Dermody

Slide and Joy! - Orville Johnson, Orville Johnson Music

Over That Wave - Ed Johnson, Cumulus Records CR 0103

All In Good Time - Sally Van Meter, Sugar Hill Records SH-CD 3792

Halloween Rehearsal - Russ Barenberg, Rounder ROUN11534

Dust on the Needle - Tony Trischka, Rounder CD 11508

26 Bluegrass Instrumentals - Country Cooking, Rounder CD 11551

Safe Sweet Home - John Miller, Rounder CDROUN3016/01161301627