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In addition to his work as a composing and performing musician, John Miller has close to forty years experience as a music teacher, having begun teaching privately while still in high school. He is available for private instruction in finger-picked Folk guitar, Country Blues guitar, Brazilian guitar, Music theory and chord voicing and composition. John offers private lessons in Bellingham and Seattle (see contact information), and can do lessons through the mail, as well.

John has extensive experience teaching groups, with many years service teaching at such music camps as Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, Georgia Strait Workshop, BC Swing Camp, the California Coast Music Camp, the Port Townsend Country Blues Workshop, Augusta National Heritage’s Bluesweek and the Euroblues Promotions Limited's Bluesweek.

John has also done a series of instructional DVDs for Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop. For ordering and complete information, click on titles below.

Mississippi John Hurt Vol. 1 DVD
Mississippi John Hurt (vol. 1)
Mississippi John Hurt Vol. 1 DVD
Mississippi John Hurt (vol. 2)
Elizabeth Cotten DVD
Elizabeth Cotten
Bo Carter DVD
Bo Carter
Furry Lewis DVD
Furry Lewis
Robert Wilkins DVD
Robert Wilkins
Memphis Blues Guitar DVD
Memphis Blues Guitar
Texas Blues Guitar DVD
Texas Blues Guitar
Intro to Chord Theory & Chord Voicing DVD
Introduction to Chord Theory & Chord Voicing: 2 DVD Set
Jackson Blues DVD
Jackson Blues
Atlanta Blues DVD
Atlanta Blues
Expanding Chordal Horizons
Expanding Chordal Horizons
Improving Your Ear for the Country Blues Guitarist
Improving Your Ear for the Country Blues Guitarist (2 DVD Set)
Hillbilly Blues
Hillbilly Blues
St. Louis Blues
St. Louis Blues Guitar
Country Blues Guitar in Spanish & Vestapol Tunings
Country Blues Guitar in Spanish & Vestapol Tunings
Legendary Country Blues Guitar Duets
Legendary Country Blues Guitar Duets

John Miller's Country Blues Guitar Collection
(book + CD)
<Country Blues Musicianship DVD>
Country Blues Musicianship

Country Blues/Jazz Standards/Original Compositions: Transcriptions by Artist

Here is a list of transcriptions that I have done that are not available on my instructional DVDs. The list for the Country Blues tunes is alphabetical by the first name of the musician and for the Jazz Standards, which have the playing positions/tunings listed for each song, alphabetical by the song's title. Please note: TABs are not sold, except as part of a lesson order. TABs are not sold separately. I do not do transcriptions of, or lessons on pieces recorded by present-day, living musicians or of performances posted on youtube by present-day musicians. And I do not do transcriptions of, or lessons on different versions of songs by an artist that I've already transcribed one version of, unless the requested version is played in a different playing position or tuning than the version I've already transcribed. And I do not take new transcription orders for songs that are played with a slide in the fretting hand.

I now offer lessons in two formats: hard copy or virtual. Hard copy lessons are available only for U.S. residents. For a hard copy lesson on a song I've already transcribed, the cost is $60 postpaid. Cost of a hard copy lesson that requires me to do a new transcription is $70 postpaid. Cost of a hard copy lesson that requires me to do a new arrangement is $85.00 postpaid. A hard copy lesson includes TAB plus an audio CD (not a visual DVD) on which I talk through the song in detail, including left and right hand efficiencies of motion, fingering and picking tips, etc. If you opt for the virtual lesson, it will be sent to you over the Internet, with the TAB on a .pdf and the talk-throughs on .mp3s, sent as attachments to e-mails. Cost of virtual lessons is $55.00 for a pre-transcribed song, $65.00 for a song that requires a new transcription, and $80.00 for a song that requires a new arrangement, with those fees applying worldwide. I am always available for consultation/questions after you've received a lesson, if some aspect of the lesson or transcription is unclear.

Payment for lessons must be made in advance in U. S. funds. If you wish to use a credit card to pay, make a deposit of the appropriate amount to my account at www.paypal.com. My paypal account is the same as my email address: john@johnmillerguitar.com . Paypal payment is required for all lesson orders originating from outside of the U.S. U.S. residents may choose to pay by a cashier's check or a money order in U. S. funds sent to my address, in lieu of credit card payment:

Please send me an email when you've placed a lesson order, letting me know you've placed the order and what song you would like the lesson on, and contact me in advance via email before ordering any lesson that will require a new transcription/arrangement of a song not included on the lists below. Turn-around time on lessons is generally less than a week, if I'm not traveling. I will add songs to the lists below as I perform new transcriptions and keep the lists updated.

Song of the Month

Each month I offer a "Song of the Month" lesson at a special reduced rate of $35.00, for which you receive TAB and a detailed technical talk-through of the song. For November, 2021 I'm offering 2 lessons: The first is on William Harris's "Keep Your Man Out of Birmingham", an exciting blues in Spanish (Open G) tuning, capoed up.The lesson includes a TAB transcription of William Harris's intro and verse one and two accompaniments . There are very thorough talk-throughs of each section of the transcription. The second lesson is on my own arrangement of Kid Bailey's "Rowdy Blues". Kid Bailey's original performance of "Rowdy Blues" was a duet, and I wanted to create a solo arrangement that captured all of the movement in the treble and the bass in the original, and I believe I succeeded in doing that. The arrangement is played in E position in standard tuning and is just one time through the form, because the original was played as a set piece, utilizing the same accompaniment from beginning to end. People wanting a lesson as a virtual lesson will receive it as attachments to emails, with the TAB on a .pdf file and the talk-throughs on .mp3s, as well as the lyrics to the song. Cost of the lesson in a virtual format during October, 2021 is $35.00. U. S. residents only may purchase a hard copy version of the lesson for $45.00. Payment should be made as stated in the policies above. I hope folks will take advantage of this opportunity to learn this spectacular piece. PLEASE NOTE: These Songs of the Month are available at the reduced rate only during the month in which they are featured, after which they will be available at the pre-transcribed rate of $55.00 per lesson.

Hidden Treasures

This is a new feature at the website. I decided very recently that I had transcribed a number of really special performances that have been neglected by persons ordering lessons on Country Blues songs, perhaps because the musicians who performed the songs were not well-known. In an attempt to give these outstanding performances the attention they deserve, I have decided to offer a lesson occasionally on such a song at the reduced rate of $40.00, for which you'll receive the TAB transcription and thorough talk-throughs, as with all of my lessons. The new "hidden treasure" I'm offering a lesson on is Mississippian Joe Callicott's "Let Your Deal Go Down", an exceptionally pretty pre-blues number that Joe played in C position in standard tuning. The performance comes from the wonderful George Mitchell recordings of Joe on the Fat Possum label. The transcription that you'll receive with the lesson includes Joe's two-part intro and verse one and two accompaniments. And as was so often the case with Joe Callicott's songs, "Let Your Deal Go Down" is every bit as rewarding to sing as it is to play. The song can be found on youtube if you've never heard it before. The "Hidden Treasure" lesson on "Let Your Deal Go Down" will remain available until I think the song has received the attention it deserves.

Your Favorite Artists--A Special Offer

As you look at the list of songs transcribed below, you'll note that for many the Country Blues musicians you can find there, I have transcribed a large number of songs. If you have a favorite artist there, you can order lessons on four of his or her songs from the pre-transcribed list for the price of three lessons, at the pre-transcribed rate. That works out to $165.00 for four lessons on your favorite artist, where the cost would be a total of $220.00 if you were to order the lessons one at a time. I will complete the lessons you order at the rate at which you indicate you'd like to receive them--all at once, or one per week for four weeks. I hope you'll consider this option if you're really serious about digging into the repertoire of your favorite musician. PLEASE NOTE: This offer of four lessons for the price of three applies only in instances where all four songs were performed by the same artist and the order is placed for all four songs at the same time.

Mac FaceTime/Zoom Lessons

I now offer Mac FaceTime or Zoom lessons to teach songs and to offer technical pointers and trouble-shoot problems you may have encountered in the songs you've been working on. This kind of feedback is invaluable, for it provides the kind of guidance a good teacher would normally provide at follow-up lessons after having given you a new song to work on. To take a FaceTime lesson, you will need to have a Mac or iPad with FaceTime and have a camera in your computer, so that we can communicate visually. Zoom works on either Mac products or PCs. The rate for these lessons is $70 for an hour lesson. Send me an email if you would like to do a FaceTime or Zoom lesson and we can figure out a time when we are both available.

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